Exclusive Preview: Roy Harper is having an identity crisis in 'Green Arrow' #19

Exclusive Preview: Roy Harper is having an identity crisis in ‘Green Arrow’ #19

Written by Benjamin Percy.
Art by Eleonora Carlini and Mirka Andolfo.
Colors by Arif Prianto and Hi-Fi.
Letters by Nate Piekos.
Cover A by Otto Schmidt.
Cover B by Mike Grell with Lovern Kindzierski.

Being a former sidekick in the DC Universe has to be tough. You grow up, you adopt an edgier moniker, you go out of your way to finesse your skills — but people still call you “Speedy” behind your back.

Roy Harper’s coming around to the idea that his past as Green Arrow’s ward may not be the hindrance it has to be. But this is Roy Harper, and boy — is that guy one stubborn prick.

Check out this exclusive five-page preview of Green Arrow #19, courtesy of DC Comics!

$2.99 | T+ | MARCH 15

From DC Comics: “THE RETURN OF ROY HARPER” finale! Orphaned as an infant and raised on a Navajo reservation, the superhero Arsenal returns to his adopted home to defend it from a violent militia hired by… Queen Industries?! Oliver Queen’s company has been up to no good since his supposed death, but Green Arrow is on the scene to make things right. Unfortunately for Ollie, he’s the last person his former sidekick wants to see.

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