EXCLUSIVE: Judy wants to make sense out of her chaotic dreams in 'The Jetsons' #2

EXCLUSIVE: Judy wants to make sense out of her chaotic dreams in ‘The Jetsons’ #2

Written by Jimmy Palmiotti.
Art by Pier Brito.
Colors by Alex Sinclair.
Letters by Dave Sharpe.
Cover A by Amanda Conner and Paul Mounts.
Cover B by Dan Panosian.

Meet George Jetson. His boy, Elroy. Jane, his wife. And his daughter, Judy, who’s been mapping out her dreams for a film project and has discovered some crazy stuff lurking around in her head. Luckily, it’s the far-flung future, and there’s an app for that.

In the spirit of DC Comics’ inspired take on The FlintstonesThe Jetsons is a new spin on a classic property from Hanna-Barbera! As such, you can anticipate prescient themes, good humor, and a whole lotta heart.

Check out this exclusive four-page preview of The Jetsons #2, courtesy of DC Comics!

$3.99 | T | DECEMBER 6

From DC Comics: Technology has made life in the future a lot easier—or has it? In this issue, George is attacked by robotic repair lizards while Judy works to decipher her recorded dreams on a tight deadline. Even Elroy’s childhood is disrupted by tech when the ground starts to give way during a playdate. And Jane already had the weight of the world on her shoulders—but learning she has to actually save the world while managing her family is even worse!

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