Preview: Jason's finally using that ruby-hued brain of his in 'Red Hood and the Outlaws' #6

Preview: Jason’s finally using that ruby-hued brain of his in ‘Red Hood and the Outlaws’ #6

Written by Scott Lobdell.
Art by Dexter Soy.
Colors by Veronica Gandini.
Letters by Taylor Esposito.
Cover A by Giusseppi Camuncoli with Cam Smith and Dean White.
Cover B by Matteo Scalera and Moreno Dinisio.

When you’ve got a gun-totin’ vigilante with a real hate-on for you up against the wall, it’s probably best that you don’t savor the moment with an eloquent monologue.

But this is Roman Sionis we’re talking about here. Brevity ain’t one of his virtues. And ol’ Jason Todd is getting plenty pissed.

Check out this exclusive preview of Red Hood and the Outlaws #6, courtesy of DC Comics!

$2.99 | T+ | JANUARY 11

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