EXCLUSIVE: Scoob and the gang take a nice dip in the sewers in 'Scooby Apocalypse' #21

EXCLUSIVE: Scoob and the gang take a nice dip in the sewers in ‘Scooby Apocalypse’ #21

Written by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis.
Art by Ron Wagner.
Inks by Andy Owens.
Colors by Hi-Fi.
Letters by Travis Lanham.
Cover A by Carlos D’Anda.
Cover B by Philip Tan and Elmer Santos.

Scooby Apocalypse returns to find Scoob and the gang looking for a way to bust into a zombie-filled mall. Now, pointing out the shades of Romero is easy. The fun part is coming up with funny titles for this latest Scooby story! I vote for “Dawn of the Fred”. Because it’s hilarious.

DC Comics has provided us an exclusive first look at Scooby Apocalypse #21, featuring five interior pages and two covers by artists Carlos D’Anda, Philip Tan, and Elmer Santos!

$3.99 | T | JANUARY 10

From DC Comics: The gang finally reaches the underground base, only to discover that their nightmare is just beginning. Plus, the fate of Scrappy-Doo—revealed at last! Plus, the daring adventures continue as Secret Squirrel goes where many men have gone before…!

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