By Tommy RobbinsHorror survival fans have had endured quite the emotional rollercoaster over the last year or so. Following the cancellation of Silent Hills many soon found hope in Allison Road, but it would seem that no one wants us to have fun ever.

Back in April 2015, after a terrifying playable trailer tore the internet a new one, news spread that Silent Hills was officially dead. A short and futile uproar among those aching for some Hideo Kojima/Guillermo del Toro hallway horror bore zero fruit. Hope remained lost until disappointed fans began to catch wind of Allison Road. Developed by UK-based Lilith Ltd, the game took to Kickstarter for funding with previews showing what was clearly a horror survival game that closely resembled, if not outright mimicked, what P.T. had done so well.

Shortly after the Kickstarter campaign was established, a deal was struck with Worms developer Team17. Soon after, the Kickstarter was cancelled in pursuit of funded development backed by the newly acquired publisher.


All was looking up for fans and fanatics who eagerly awaited some sort of payoff after the groundswell surrounding P.T. and its ultimate demise. And then more recent developments crumbled that hope.

Earlier this month, a statement on the official Allison Road twitter account told of an abrupt end to the project and offered little in the way of solace.

And yesterday, a post from the Allison Road Facebook page gave that final statement.

“After a long consideration between Team17 and ourselves, we have reached a mutual agreement to end our collaboration on publishing ‘Allison Road’ under Team17’s Games label. Sometimes things pan out differently than expected as game development and publishing have so many layers of complexity… We’d like to thank everyone for their support through-out, it has and will always be appreciated!”

Again, offering little in the way of reason, the statement leaves fans once again alone to stare into the abyss.

Speculation could lead anywhere in this case. Perhaps, with Kojima hitting the stage of Sony’s E3 conference with the psychological madness that seems to be his new project, Death Stranding, which features a fancy motion-captured Norman Reedus (as was to be the case with Silent Hills), Lilith and Team17 saw that their project was only ever going to be overshadowed. Or perhaps there are other factors. It seems we will never really know.

Such a shame.