By Tommy RobbinsBack in June, survival horror fans took quite a blow when creator Christian Kesler announced that development of his Silent Hills inspired title, Allison Road, had come to an early end.

Today brings new hope! Kesler has revealed to IGN that he couldn’t leave his work behind (considering how impressive his efforts already look, who can blame him) and intends to continue working on the horror project.

“Guys, we’re back!! :)” — The tweet continues with a link out to a piece containing all the hot scoops from a conversation between IGN and Kesler wherein he reveals that Allison Road will in fact continue forward with development.

I’m actually really happy to be able to announce that [Allison Road] will continue,” says Kesler, going on to point out that, though he prefers not to speak as to the previous cancellation and termination of the partnership with Team 17, development is going forward. This time Kesler plans to undergo development without a reliance on outside publishing; instead he will be partnering with his wife and launching their own small label, Far From Home.

Kessler is thankful for the wealth of support from his online audience, implying that after a few months of soul searching, he simply could not lay to rest the work that he had completed. The vocal support from the gaming community seems to have played a relevant part in that.

There is no launch date for Allison Road as of yet, but Kesler plans to keep the updates coming.