Script by Ty Templeton.
Art by Dan Parent and Ty Templeton.
Colors by Andre Szymanowicz.
Letters by Jack Morelli.
Cover A by Ty Templeton and Dan Parent.
Cover B (Connecting Variant) by Les McClaine.

What in blue blazes is Reggie Mantle up to now? He’s chumming around Riverdale like he doesn’t have a care in the world, palling around with Archie, and generally being an all-right dude. Something’s up. Reggie is up to something.

What that “something” is, well we’ll just have to see in the next issue of Your Pal Archie!

Feast your eyes on all this Parent/Templeton gorgeousness in this five-page preview of Your Pal Archie #3, courtesy of Archie Comics!

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | E | OCTOBER 11

From Archie Comics: Your pal Archie meets his new best pal, Reggie. Find out why Riverdale’s most famous jerk is being so nice to everyone in town! Plus, get the third part of the connecting variant cover series.