By Tommy RobbinsPlayStation VR is finally among us and the onslaught of early, presumably wealthy adopters will soon be looking for that game-ass-game. In a sea of early tech demos and virtual reality playgrounds, Batman: Arkham VR maybe the best option for those looking for something resembling a full game experience in their slick new headset.

Batman: Arkham VR, Rocksteady’s virtual reality debut, lets you explore the city of Gotham, no longer alongside, but literally through the eyes of the World’s Greatest Detective. Players will navigate Wayne Manor, descend to the Batcave, and most crucially, suit up and head out into the night where Gotham’s economically disenfranchised awaits. Fully equipped with the full arsenal expected with the infamous Batman utility belt, those baddies are sure to get what’s coming to ‘em. (Y’know, instead of better-funded schools and universal health care.)

Image: Rocksteady Studios.

Image: Rocksteady Studios.

As stated previously, early adopters of the PlayStation VR will likely have a slew of VR demos and mini-experiences to choose from, and while Batman: Arkham VR is still a compact experience, it has been described by some as the closest thing to a full game on the early virtual reality scene. Those looking for virtual reality with a little more substance — aside from going outside and doing karate kicks in the air — should look no further. Batman: Arkham VR is your ticket.

‘Batman: Arkham VR’ is available today for $19.99, exclusively for PlayStation VR.

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