By Tommy Robbins. Hold on tight — Batman: The Telltale Series Episode Three is swinging into action today, and with it comes a little something free as well.

Courtesy of Telltale Games

Courtesy of Telltale Games

Yep! Today marks the launch of “New World Order”, the third installment to Telltale’s just-okay Batman adventure. Continuing after Penguin’s brutal attack on Gotham’s mayoral candidates, viscerally broadcast into the living rooms of all of Gotham City’s residents, Batman must get to the heart of the intertwining narratives surrounding the attack — not to mention, find out what the hell the Children of Arkham are supposed to be.

All the while, he continues to unravel the mysteries surrounding Selina Kyle and the volatile nature of the freshly changed Harvey Dent. (Depending on who you ended up sticking your Bat-neck out for at the end of the last episode.)

In observing the halfway point of their narrative release, Telltale has decided to provide a little something to incentivize newcomers to dive into their epic adventure. Players on PC will have access to the game’s first episode, “Realm of Shadows”, for free until November 7. (The free version of Episode O will also be available on Android devices.)

Episodes four and five of ‘Batman: The Telltale Series’ are due in November and December, respectively.