It’s always a good time to be a Black Mask Studios fan. I can only speak for myself, but if you love the output from this fringe-as-fuck publisher nearly as much as I do, this just might be the best week ever.

Three killer releases are coming our way from Black Mask: the second issue of Space Riders: Galaxy of Brutality, the final issue (wah!) of Quantum Teens are Go, and the next scintillating installment of There’s Nothing There. Set aside some time this Wednesday and treat yourself to three incredible books. You’ve earned it.

Check out this three-tiered preview of Space Riders: Galaxy of Brutality #2, Quantum Teens are Go #4, and There’s Nothing There #2, courtesy of the baddest publisher of them all, Black Mask Studios!

$3.99 EACH | M | JUNE 14

Written by Fabian Rangel, Jr.
Art by Alexis Ziritt.
Letters by Ryan Ferrier.

From Black Mask Studios: Colonel Conley is training new recruits when he receives a transmission from a long lost friend. The SPACE RIDERS have to get their sh** together and find the source of the signal. It leads them to the OMEGA STRUCTURE, the place where GODS GO TO DIE! Prepare yourselves as best you can for THE LAST TRANSMISSION OF MARGARITA PELIGRO!

Written by Magdalene Visaggio.
Art by Eryk Donovan.
Colors by Claudia Aguirre.
Letters by Zakk Saam.

From Black Mask Studios: It all comes down to this. Nat, Sumesh, and Wayne break into Zero’s secret lab underneath the Hollywood sign – only to be met with the revelation of explosive secrets that could change everything. It’s violence, robots, and lasers galore in this thrilling, high-speed conclusion brought to you by Magdalene Visaggio, Eryk Donovan, and Claudia Aguirre!

Written by Patrick Kindlon.
Art by Maria Llovet.
Letters by Jim Campbell.

From Black Mask Studios: Reno puts ghosts on the back burner to walk the red carpet. But hauntings aren’t scheduled things, and she soon finds herself visited by another restless spirit. Meanwhile, more corporeal threats begin to form around her as a stalker and an angry sex cult jockey for position. It’s beginning to feel like nowhere is safe.