'There's Nothing There' is out this week from Black Mask StudiosTHERE’S NOTHING THERE #1
Written by Patrick Kindlon.
Art by Maria Llovet.
Cover A by Maria Llovet.
Cover B by Alexis Ziritt.

Saunter around a party long enough and you’ll hear all sorts of stories. Stay even longer and you just might end up in a story yourself.

Young socialite Reno’s indulgent night amongst the elites is about to take a turn towards something truly sinister. But when it happens and how it will effect her… those are matters that will have to wait until Wednesday.

In the meantime, check out this uncensored six-page preview of There’s Nothing There #1 — including a glimpse at the variant cover from Space Rider‘s Alexis Ziritt — courtesy of Black Mask Studios!

$3.99 | M | APRIL 26

From Black Mask Studios: There’s Nothing There’ is a smart-sexy thriller that takes place in the upper echelons of celebrity culture where power brokers treat young starlets like cattle, but in this twisted tale the dehumanizing of ingenues by elites is presented through the prism of the paranormal, the paranoid, and those Hollywood Babylon legends of occult celebrity-sacrifices that might just have a few kernels of truth to them. In this era where the powerful brazenly take whatever and whomever they want, ‘There’s Nothing There’ gives us a sharp new heroine who finds out how to play the game without being anyone’s pawn.