'Giant Days' #26 hits stores on May 3GIANT DAYS #26
Written by John Allison.
Pencils by Max Sarin.
Inks by Liz Fleming.
Colors by Whitney Cogar.
Letters by Jim Campbell.
Cover by Max Sarin.

Roommates, amirite? They always pop in just as you’ve stretched out for a nude bout of Fallout 4. You find their toothbrush in the stand right next to yours. They’re practically touching. The heathens.

For Ed, his roommate situation has become intolerable; Dean’s experimenting with gastronomy at an almost radioactive strata, and that stuff stinks. It stinks!

Check out this hilarious five-page preview of Giant Days #26, courtesy of BOOM! Studios!

$3.99 | T+ | MAY 3

From BOOM! Studios: Ed and McGraw’s home has become a no-go zone with the addition of Dean Thompson, and the impending visit of his girlfriend Posy is anticipated with a mixture of morbid curiosity and dread.