'Giant Days' #27 coming soon from BOOM! StudiosGIANT DAYS #27
Written by John Allison.
Art by Max Sarin and Liz Fleming.
Colors by Whitney Cogar.
Letters by Jim Campbell.
Cover by Max Sarin.

When you’ve filled your life with ambient death metal and skeleton hoodies, it’s only natural that your social awareness has gone dark too.

Esther de Groot is about to have an awakening. And woe betide those who impede her burgeoning activism.

From John Allison and Max Sarin & Liz Fleming, this year’s Reuben Award recipients in the Comic Book category, comes the latest installment to our obsession, Giant Days!

Check out this exclusive five-page preview of Giant Days #27, courtesy of BOOM! Studios!

$3.99 | T+ | JUNE 7

From BOOM! Studios: Political naïf Esther gets caught up in the influence of a “super-woke” colleague, and Susan grows frustrated with Ingrid’s presence in their home.