By Molly Jane Kremer and Jarrod Jones. Happy New Comic Book  Day! This is Casual Wednesdays With DoomRocket, where each week we discuss our feelings concerning the comics that mean the most to us, and the industry news that affects us all. This week, MJ & Jarrod celebrate Women’s History Month with an interview with Eisner-winning artist Jill Thompson. Then they share their Top 5 Most Anticipated Issues of the Week, and assess ‘American Gods: Shadows’ #1 and ‘Batwoman’ #1.

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'Cadmus', 'Mirror', 'Batwoman' and others highlight this week's Casual Wednesdays picks

MJ’s Top 5 Most Anticipated Issues:

Cadmus #1 — Antarctic Press/$3.99

Mirror #6 — Image Comics/$3.99

Batwoman #1 — DC Comics/$2.99

Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat! #16 — Marvel Comics/$3.99

Death Be Damned #2 — BOOM! Studios/$3.99

'Superman', 'God Country', 'Head Lopper' and others highlight this week's Casual Wednesdays picks

Jarrod’s Top 5 Most Anticipated Issues:

Super Sons #2 — DC Comics/$2.99

God Country #3 — Image Comics/$3.99

Batwoman #1 — DC Comics/$2.99

Head Lopper #5 — Image Comics/$5.99

Superman #19 — DC Comics/$2.99


American Gods: Shadows #1

Dark Horse Comics/$3.99

Story and words by Neil Gaiman.

Script and layouts by P. Craig Russell.

Art and colors by Scott Hampton.

Letters by Rick Parker.

MJ: Dark Horse’s American Gods is probably the highest profile Gaiman adaptation yet, and while the prose is gorgeous (not to mention Scott Hampton’s cinematic artwork), at times it feels more suited to, well, a novel. Finishing this comic made me want to simply re-read the book instead of wait around for the next issue, which I’m not quite sure is a compliment to the story overall, or a detriment to this brand new series.

7.5 out of 10

Batwoman #1

DC Comics/$2.99

Written by Marguerite Bennett and James Tynion IV.

Art by Steve Epting.

Colors by Jeromy Cox.

Letters by Deron Bennett.

JJ: There’s a real thrill that comes with reading a book that’s so perfectly realized; make no mistake, Batwoman is one of those books. From conception to publication, the finest care was put into this issue, and it shows. (I’d happily pay five bucks for a book like this — just don’t tell DC.) After too long of a wait, Kate Kane has finally arrived in the high-profile series she always deserved — Greg Rucka and JH Williams III should be proud.

9 out of 10

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Header image: “Wonder Woman: The True Amazon”, by Jill Thompson (DC Comics, 2016)

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