By Tommy Robbins. Anticipating diving back into Dark Souls III with the upcoming Ashes of Ariandel? So are we. As if the excitement wasn’t already crippling as we count down days to that October 25 release, PlayStation dropped a teaser trailer today for one of the DLC’s additional features. And boy, is it a doozy.

When Bandai Namco and FromSoftware released their announcement trailer for Ashes of Ariandel back in August, they promised “new ways to challenge other players online.” Today we see a little of what exactly that entails.

The trailer, titled “Choose Your Allegiance”, shows some pretty distinct changes in Dark Souls PvP as we know it — mainly we get to wear glamorous glowing crowns with our friends while we slay our vile adversaries.

Invade. Protect. Duel. Betray. These words all mean something to any player who has dabbled in Dark Souls III multiplayer. Some of the most fun to be had in post-story Dark Souls involves these notions of trust and deceit, but now whole new level is being brought in — Battle.

The glimpse into the new battle system in Ashes of Ariandel shows teams of three facing off in an arena style showdown. Speculation based on the means of grouping in Dark Souls’ previous system leads us to believe that, once players have grouped in standard campaign play, they will then be able to dawn their glowing crowns and face off against other groups.

This is an educated guess, but if the new PvP system works as we expect, we’ve never been more excited to jump back into the grim and hostile world of Dark Souls… With friends!

‘Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel’ drops on October 25 for $14.99 with a season pass option for $24.99.