By Jarrod Jones. Love it or hate it, the New52 is done. And for DC Comics, June is the beginning of a crazy ride.

The publisher hasn’t been shy about the new direction it wants to take its line of books (think of it as a gigantic “I’m sorry” after they tried to make us relive the 90s), and on Thursday morning, DC cast a wide net over the internet to ensure every corner of the comic book world was aware that they were, in fact, changing.

Yessir, like the drunk uncle who spilled the ambrosia salad all over your mother’s rug, DC is making serious amends to some of its more egregious errors by 1) adding diversity to its line, 2) generating an eclecticism once only enjoyed by its two biggest competitors, and 3) putting some damn clothes on Starfire already.

Perhaps the biggest surprise that came from all this hubbub were the new looks DC applied to two of its biggest heroes: Superman and Wonder Woman appear to be sporting new, quasi-permanent costumes, joining their gloomy pal Batman in looking absolutely ridiculous. With Superman’s new Superboy look premiering on the Nerdist, DC gave HitFlix the Wonder Woman exclusive, leaving poor ol’ Uproxx to pick up the scraps, giving us a first look at what appears to be Green Lantern’s new hobo look, and reminding us that Superboy actually still exists. (Which is both surprising and adorable all at the same time.

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Of course, the happiest news is that Damian Wayne will be joining Gotham Academy in June (which only makes perfect sense when you think about it), and we get a first look at Dick Grayson’s slick new 007-suit. Just lookit that man. Does Mikel Janin know how to draw a good-lookin’ man, or what:

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All this wonderful craziness (including Bat-CHAPPiE) will be unleashed this June.