'Future Quest' comes to an end next weekFUTURE QUEST #12
Written by Jeff Parker.
Art by Evan “Doc” Shaner.
Colors by Veronica Gandini.
Letters by Dave Lanphear.
Cover A by Evan “Doc Shaner.
Cover B by Tony Harris.

The sugar-coated rush of Saturday mornings and the titanic might of superhero comic books — you’ll find it all in DC Comics’ Future Quest!

Space Ghost! The Impossibles! Johnny Quest! Buzz Conroy and Frankenstein Jr.! All your Hanna-Barbera favorites united against a cosmic threat that wants to take everything away from them! And it all ends here!

Stand back and behold this thrilling five-page preview of Future Quest #5, courtesy of DC Comics!

$3.99 | T | MAY 10

From DC Comics: The most daring heroes and greatest minds of Earth and a distant solar system make their last stand against the World Ender. How can we survive when other more advanced worlds have fallen? Get ready for the cosmic finale that shapes the Hanna-Barbera action adventure universe forever! FINAL ISSUE!