sm_cv11_dsSUPERMAN #11
Story by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason.
Art by Patrick Gleason.
Inks by Mick Gray, Christian Alamy, and Mark Morales.
Colors by John Kalisz.
Letters by Rob Leigh.
Cover A by Patrick Gleason and Alejandro Sanchez.
Cover B by Andrew Robinson.

Kids will be kids. But what about the kids who have great power? Who will grow up to have even more power? It’s time for some discipline — Super-Dads style.

Part two of “In the Name of the Father” is here! And it’s adorably titled “World’s Smallest”!

Check out this five-page preview of Superman #11, courtesy of DC Comics!

$2.99 | T | NOVEMBER 16

From DC Comics: “IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER” part two! Superman and Batman are up against the ropes, and it’s up to Superboy and Robin to save the day— but can they work together long enough to get the job done?