Written by Greg Rucka.
Art by Liam Sharp.
Colors by Laura Martin and Hi-Fi.
Letters by Jodi Wynne.
Cover A by Liam Sharp and Laura Martin.
Cover B by Jenny Frison.

Consider this just a friendly reminder to all you mercenaries out there: if you’re tasked with taking on Wonder Woman — even if things look like they’re going your way — if you take a shot at her, you are going to regret it.

Case in point: Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor have their backs up against wall in Wonder Woman #21. But that shouldn’t suggest that things are not going to go their way. So be warned, mercenaries who happen to read DoomRocket!

Check out this exclusive five-page preview of Wonder Woman #21, courtesy of DC Comics!

$2.99 | T | APRIL 26

From DC Comics: “The Truth” part four! As the reality of Themyscira is revealed, Wonder Woman is forced to make a decision: defy the will of the gods or betray her Amazon sisters to Godwatch!