Written by Trina Robbins, Amanda Deibert, Ruth Fletcher, Christos Gage and Marc Andreyko.
Art by Cat Staggs, Staz Johnson, Richard Ortiz and Various.
Cover by Nicola Scott.

In case you didn’t know it by now, we here at DoomRocket are quite fond of Diana of Themyscira. And DC Comics’ wonderful Wonder Woman ’77 has filled our hearts with the warmth that is so often lacking in Diana’s sagas — at least, of late. Now there’s another packed-to-the-brim collection of Wonder Woman stories, all of which take place within the continuity of Lynda Carter’s iconic television series! With stories by Trina Robbins (Honey West), Amanda Deibert (Sensation Comics), Marc Andreyko (Batwoman) and more, Wonder Woman ’77 Special #3 would look pretty ding-dang fantastic sitting on your coffee table this week — we’re definitely buying a copy for us!

$7.99 | E | APRIL 13

From DC Comics: In “Claymates,” when Clayface finds himself crumbling and drying up, he seeks a cure by any means necessary! Can Wonder Woman stop him before he enslaves Paradise Island? Then, Diana and Steve go undercover in “Oceans,” where a diplomat crucial to the Panama Canal negotiations has dangerous plans! After a battle with smugglers at home, Wonder Woman is surprised to find a warehouse full of ivory. In Africa, she teams up with the local IADC to track “Orion the Hunter.” Finally, Federal Agent Diana Prince joins a Congressman and his aides to investigate a cult. “Reverend Mike Loves You,” but can you trust his plans for the future?

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