By Brandy Dykhuizen. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are teaming up again to bring us what just might be the most cuckoo-bananas Batman series yet. And if Metal won’t be insane enough for you, you nut, DC Comics has plenty of tie-ins to tide you over.

Details for the first two Metal one-shots, The Red Death and The Murder Machine were announced by DC in a press release early Thursday morning. It would seem that “corrupted versions of Batman spawned from the Dark Multiverseare prepared to wreak their havoc on the DC Universe this fall. Be prepared to see warped versions of your favorite Justice League characters emerge from an alternate universe and take wing — in bat form!

The first tie-in is Batman: The Red Death #1, written by Joshua Williamson (The Flash), illustrated by Carmine Di Giandomenico (also The Flash), and released on September 20. “How can the Justice League stop a horde of deadly beings that appear to be powerful, nightmare versions of themselves?” Guess we’re about to find out.

Cover to 'Batman: The Red Death' #1. Art by Jason Fabok and Dean White/DC Comics

Cover to ‘Batman: The Red Death’ #1. Art by Jason Fabok and Dean White/DC Comics

The next issue, titled Batman: The Murder Machine #1 is written by Frank Tieri (Pestilence), illustrated by Riccardo Federici, and will see a September 27 release. All covers are by Jason Fabok, who made a point to mention that his cover to Murder Machine was “based off my time playing Thomas the Tank Engine with my son,” which, aw?

Cover to 'Batman: The Murder Machine' #1. art by Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson/DC Comics

Cover to ‘Batman: The Murder Machine’ #1. art by Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson/DC Comics

Snyder and Capullo aim to explore the ripple effects of Metal, and the sorts of hellscapes that are born from their raging successes. Two roads diverged in the DC wood, and Snyder took the one with maximum potential for mayhem. Not content to keep this story bat-centric, Snyder let us know back in April to expect appearances from the entire DC Universe. “This is me and Brother Greg playing [with] all the toys,” he tweeted.

While they’ve done well to keep plot particulars under wraps, Snyder did let on that Metal will dig several decades deep into the DCU, tapping roots as far back as 1985’s Crisis on Infinite Earths. Wherever the story may land, this duo has proven they can take pretty much whatever plunge they please without winding up in over their heads.

In the meantime we’ll try to do the same, considering all the Metal tie-ins that are still on the way, such as Batman: The Drowned, Batman: The MercilessBatman: The DevastatorBatman: The Dawnbreaker, and Batman: The Batman Who Laughs. (Presumably, at Batman.)

The madness begins September 20 with ‘Batman: The Red Death’ #1. ‘Batman: The Murder Machine’ #1 hits stores on September 27.