By Jarrod Jones. Y’think Johnny Carson woulda had all these ding-dang Marvel movies on his show back in the day? Late night just ain’t what it usedta be. Usedta be you’d watch Gore Vidal chortle about trade tariffs for fifteen minutes, then a lion trainer, then possibly Faye Dunaway would come on set to wink at the audience. Now it’s trailers trailers trailers.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

The Jimmy Kimmel Show — not to be confused with The Man Show, you understand — has unleashed the first teaser trailer for Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange, and for a film with the word ‘strange’ in its title, it sure does look and feel… well… familiar. If you’ve ever seen Christopher Nolan’s Inception, you’ll recognize all the shifting cityscapes and blaring bwaaaaamps of orchestral horns found within. But Cumberbatch. Swinton. Ejiofor. Mikkelsen. Fuggedaboudit.

Yes, this trailer comes with the requisite superhero cliches — somehow “forget what you think you know” and “what if I told you” both get crammed into its svelte two minutes — but that’s easy enough to excuse when you realize what we’re looking at here, which is a goddamned Doctor Strange movie trailer. 

This is truly the Marvel Age of Movies, make no mistake.

‘Doctor Strange’ has a friggin’ bald Twilda Swinton in it November 2016.

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