By Jarrod Jones. When we prepared to look up in the sky on Monday afternoon, none of us were thinking about Superman. There was gonna be a damn eclipse in the sky! We were too busy considering the cosmic balance and how it relates to our existence. We were preparing to share a moment in united awe just before the heavens darkened, casting a shadow on saint and sinner alike, reminding us all that we’re but one, hurtling together through space towards eternity.

Well, some of us were thinking about Superman on Monday. I certainly was, as I typically do. (This morning’s thought during my shower: Does Superman hold his breath in outer space like he does underwater? Do the depths of space affect his lungs like the depths of the oceans?) And so was Geoff Johns, who used the first visible solar eclipse across the entire contiguous United States in nearly forty years as an opportunity to remind an already skittish world population that the Doomsday Clock was ticking for us all.

Instead of ruminating on the irony of it all, let’s instead take a look at these covers.

These two covers here are by Clock artists Gary Frank and Brad Anderson. They plainly feature the iconography of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen, from its “The End is Near” placards to its yellow and black graphic dressing, which I’m sure I should have seen coming.

The second variant, which marries the icons of DC’s Trinity to the ink blots of Watchmen‘s Rorschach, will be a lenticular cover, to be released later. You’ll notice that the image only shows one side to the moving cover. Guess we all have to be patient, now don’t we? “United as one,” don’t forget.

A lenticular variant to DC's 'Doomsday Clock' #1

Image: DC Comics

So, yes. Here’s another reminder that DC is dead serious about this “Watchmen in the DCU” storyline. How will it fare? How should I know, I haven’t read it yet! Speculate away in the comments section below.

‘Doomsday Clock’ #1 creeps into the public consciousness on November 22.