By Tommy RobbinsIt’s Monday evening and the conference portion of E3 2016 is coming to a close. Sony is the last to show, but they don’t have a 30th birthday to tout like Ubisoft’s two hour spectacle. No jaw-dropping Prey or Skyrim Special Edition reveals as per Bethesda’s killer show. And having previously addressed an absence of news regarding the PS4.5, they’ll sport no counter to the double-hitter console reveal from Microsoft’s show earlier this morning. The stakes are high in this console/conference war, provided you like to think about it that way.

Regardless, if there’s one thing we’ve been able to count on from Sony’s shows in recent years, it’s that they maintain a laser focus on bringing the games. E3 being the gaming industry’s Christmas, that’s all we can ask for. Right?

Let’s dive right in.

God of War

Sony’s “go big or go home” theatrical opening with an orchestral music number lead into some sneak opening footage from none other than God of War. It’s an origin story of sorts, it starts with a viking, bearded Kratos and his son. Let’s just say, there’s a loving daddy somewhere deep inside Kratos.

Sporting drastically different play style and impressive graphic fidelity, the game offers a look into history, showing that mortal Kratos was a pretty intense SOB, without the whole dead family/quest for vengeance thing.

And there was nary a quicktime event in sight…

Days Gone 

Post apocalyptic narrative about a drifter and his hog (motorcycle, people, motorcycle) scavenging through the remnants of humanity. It seems we have another installation to the zombie survival genre. Let’s just say this one looks fantastically eerie.

Impossibly indefatigable hoards with movement that reminds me of Golem from Lord of the Rings, this fan of zombie fiction is hopelessly enthralled with this new IP from Bend Studio. Definitely worth keeping an ear to the ground.

The Last Guardian

A loving little teaser for fans and an official release date: October 25 2016.

Horizon Zero Dawn

We got a hefty chunk of gameplay out of the latest from Guerilla Games. In this glimpse, we see more of Aloy doing what she does best, slaying and even corralling robo-cyber-beasts.

The battle system looks fluid, open, and responsive. And Aloy has a breadth of weapons to utilize while on her journey. Have we mentioned how beautiful this one is? At this point, I’m way past sold. Just sell it to me already!

Detroit Become Human

Based on the tech demo Kara, David Cage and Quantic Dream bring us a dystopian future where androids and humans struggle for an understanding of equality. (And, presumably, fight over electronic sheep.) With branching storylines and unlimited possibilities, it’s ultimately up to the player just how their story will unfold.


Peter Parker’s appearance at E3 was more of a crowd teaser than anything, but we get to see everyone’s favorite Spiderman swinging and clinging, in all his glory. Dunno about that 2099/Marvel Studios costume thing he’s got going one, though. Maybe he’s got a bit of Anti-Venom in ‘im?

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

This one is sure to catch folks off guard. High action space combat seems like nothing we’ve seen in any CoD title in the past. Weaving in and out of demolished ship before seamlessly transitioning to FPS combat looks appealing in a way CoD hasn’t in a good long while. Good on ’em for that. Scheduled to release November 4, 2016.

Crash Bandicoot

Sean Laden didn’t have much to say on this one, but the info drop that it will be “Remastered from the ground up for PS4” seemed to be enough for fans. WooThen there’s that whole Skylanders thing, which I’m sure no one over 10 is super stoked about.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

We’ve essentially known all there is to know about this one for quite a while. But damn are those little brick and knob Star Wars characters adorable. Demo Available Now!

Death Stranding

And then Kojima-san took the stage… “Hello, everyone!” he said as if it was the most natural thing in the world. “I’m back.”

It appears Mr. Kojima arrived to show a little snippet of Death Stranded, which is apparently what he’s calling his next Sony-exclusive video game. And there it was, our first look at just what Kojima and Sony Interactive Entertainment have been cooking up. It’s a strange one. 

Norman Reedus waking up naked next to a crying infant before it vanishes in his arms and leads him into a field of dead fish is… well, “makes no fucking sense” is what it is. But Kojima’s name is on it.

I’m appropriately excited. You should be too.

Available in Playstation VR —

Resident Evil VII: biohazard

Not at all what you would have expected from this trailer — at first glance, this thing came across a good ol’ fashioned jump scare machine. And then, and then, and then.

Wandering shitty environments like pitch black forest and creaky dilapidated buildings where noone with any amount of sanity would find themselves, this thing definitely has the Resident Evil creep factor going for it. This sucker drops on January 24, 2017. (Still no official trailer from Sony.)


A first installation to the shooter VR genre on Playstation VR. Simple and sweet.

Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Missions

Play from the cockpit of an X-Wing and do… exactly what you would do in the cockpit of an X-Wing. (Still no official trailer from Sony.)

Batman: Arkham VR

Another cryptic preview. We really can’t glean much from this, aside from how torn up Mark Hamill’s voice sounds these days. But play as Batman in VR? Sure? Why the hell not. 

Final Fantasy XV: VR Experience

Dubstep and spikey haired japanese guys. I’ll never understand it but folks are hyped. Get ready for that bass drop September 30.

And that’s that!

Sony’s show ended rather abruptly and never introduced another speaker aside from Shawn Layden, a strange move considering past multi-speaker formats.

The Sony conference had kind of a strange vibe this year. Aside from the Playstation VR news, we have nothing in the realm of hardware news. That was expected and previously addressed, but there was definitely a bit of tension waiting for them to break that promise and mention something regarding the upgraded systems they have planned. No apps, upgrades or features — but still, somehow Sony always managed to drop jaws.

This conference could have literally consisted of Kojima’s Death Stranding reveal and I would have gone home smiling. And not to mention — we’ve got another twisted and strange David Cage-ass David Cage game coming out of Quantic Dream with Detroit Become Human. If you played Heavy Rain then you’re with me.

All in all, Sony’s sitting rather casual-like with its fairly relaxed E3 showing, which was packed to the brim with nothing but games, and really — that was all anyone could really ask for. The next year will certainly not be an uneventful one.

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