By Drew LovellE3 is upon us, and this year Square Enix has really brought the heat.

With a slew of new releases across franchises both new and old, Square has proven again that they truly are a franchise company, determined to stick with what they know while continuing to experiment in an effort to push things even further. This year brings the heat most certainly, and with it what may be the culmination of the iterative process for Final Fantasy.

Today we focus on what they’re best known for and what we’re most excited for… the big guns. These are the Top 5 Square Enix games we’re most excited to play.


Courtesy of Square Enix.

Final Fantasy XV

Fifteen. Let that sink in. Fifteen doesn’t even factor in the multitude of Final Fantasy spin-offs, many of which have become series in their own right. Final Fantasy XV follows Prince Noctis and his best bros as they set out on a road trip for the history books. The game looks to be absolutely epic, a scale of which they show quite literally with a boss fight of titanic proportions. To top it all off, Square teased a new-fangled VR setup for the game which they admit was more for the sake of novelty than anything else. Despite how beautiful the delivery is I am anxious to know how the game actually plays. Nothing is going to stop me from finding out what’s going on underneath the hood. 

Coming September 30 for PS4 & Xbox One.


Courtesy of Square Enix.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is an amazing game. It managed to combine a gripping open-ended style of gameplay with a refreshingly deep plot and cast of characters. Mankind Divided looks to blow that out of the water and send it back to the cybernetic scrap heap from which it came. A security guard stops Jensen: “Good old days are gone. Haven’t seen one of these before. Orange level. You are some kind of badass?” We’ve seen the future and it is indeed badass.

Coming August 23 for PS4, XBox One & PC.

Courtesy of Square Enix.

Courtesy of Square Enix.

NieR Automata

Square has toyed with hack-and-slash brawlers for just as long as they’ve sat atop their classic JRPG throne. NieR Automata continues that legacy as a follow up to 2010’s NIER. Hanging out in low earth orbit, the last remaining humans send down android death squads to fight back against the robotic plight which has scourged the world. Read more about this insanity right here.

Coming in 2017 for PS4.


Courtesy of Square Enix.

Just Cause 3: Mech Land Assault (DLC)

Because it wasn’t over-the-top enough already. Because Square clearly has a thing for robots. They just had to go and add more incentive to keep playing Just Cause 3. This latest expansion released just a few days ago and it is not one to miss. In case you’re still on the fence this line ought to be convincing: “Hijack powerful Mechs and use their incredible Gravity Weapon to hurl and smash the enemy into pieces.Yup.

Available now for PS4, XBox One & PC.

Courtesy of Square Enix.

Courtesy of Square Enix.

I Am Setsuna

The studio returns to its roots with a game that bears a strong resemblance to the SNES classic Chrono Trigger. The trailer gave me chills and it cannot be over-stated how much this reminds me of so many games I grew up on. The game follows young Setsuna, who is being offered up by her people as a sacrifice to dark power which has threatened the village for ages. Let’s watch that trailer again, yeah?

Coming July 19 for PS4 & PC.

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