ECCC 2017: We want YOU! (To shake our hands!)

ECCC 2017: We want YOU! (To shake our hands!)

By Jarrod Jones. Holy moley! It’s that time again!

That’s right, ECCC (or the Emerald City Comicon, if you wanna put on airs) is here! And DoomRocket is going to be there too!

Not only are we looking forward to absorbing all the news (and coffee) that’ll be streaming out of ECCC, we’re looking forward to meeting you. So, if you spot a member of our team (it’ll be easy; we’ll be the two of us wearing the DoomRocket logo — Molly Jane, and myself), come up and say hi. We have things to give you!


That’s right. We have buttons and stickers to give you all weekend long! Prove your undying love to DoomRocket by pinning us to your clothes! Tell the world you read our site by applying your newly-acquired stickers to city property! (Or, if you work for the city, don’t do that!)

We were talking about having a secret password, but everyone will be shouting “Excelsior!” anyway.

Can’t wait to see you there!