By Tommy RobbinsJust over two and a half years since its release, MMO Elder Scrolls Online is planning to roll out some big changes, knocking down walls in the name of bringing players together.

That’s right, in 2016 — when we have a presidential candidate consumed with the notion of putting up boundaries and dividing countries — Elder Scrolls Online is saying, “Let’s come together because it’s more fun that way!

Foregoing any further tense political humor, here’s the real scoop!  ZeniMax Online Studios have decided to unite the countries that make up Tamriel — or “Dawn’s Beauty in Aldmeris” if you wanna get fancy — into one collective play area, a pretty big move for the previously sectioned map style.

Originally, newcomers to Elder Scrolls Online would select one of three alliances: Daggerfall Covenant, Ebonheart Pact, and the Aldmeri Dominion. Each alliance residing in their own country, players were limited to their own respective play area. If you chose an alliance that claimed Hammerfell as home, you wouldn’t be teaming up with those who resided in Morrowind.

Personally, I have devoted hours to my first character only to be forced to abandon them and make a second. Why? Because friends with preexisting characters were of a separate alliance. Bummer.

So now, all players will be able to explore freely and find new friendships with players of any alliance, native to any country. Sweet!

That’s not the only thing changing with the upcoming One Tamriel update. With the new content patch, players will finally get the long discussed dueling system, allowing them to challenge friends or strangers to duel anytime, anyplace. Some smaller, but still noteworthy, changes include new Weapon Ultimates, updates to Craglorn — the adventure zone primarily dedicated to high level end game challenges — and holiday events. What MMO would be complete without seasonal holiday content?

The ‘One Tamriel’ update is now live on PC and Mac, live on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 October 18.