The Wild Storm: Michael Cray #6THE WILD STORM: MICHAEL CRAY #6
Written by Bryan Hill.
Breakdowns by Larry Hama.
Pencils by N. Steven Harris.
Inks by Dexter Vines.
Colors by Dearbhla Kelly.
Letters by Simon Bowland.
Cover A by Denys Cowan, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Steve Buccellato.
Cover B by Larry Stroman, Mark Morales, and Hi-Fi.

Michael Cray’s vertiginous journey — from the early days of Deathblow to DC’s New 52 series Grifter, to here, in Warren Ellis’ Wild Storm saga — is one for the books. What’s Michael up to now? Why, he’s on the hunt for an aquatic royal by the name of Arthur Curry. Now why does that name sound familiar…?

Check out this exclusive six-page preview of The Wild Storm: Michael Cray #6, courtesy of DC Comics!

$3.99 | M | MARCH 14

From DC Comics: The hunt for Arthur Curry continues, but Cray’s decisions and plans are beginning to push his teammates to the brink of abandoning him. And when Cray’s tumor begins to act in ways that it hasn’t before, his underwater brawl may end with Cray floating up to the surface as a dead man.