By Kyle Holmer. For those still following older Final Fantasy news (personally I checked out after the PC/Console port of Final Fantasy VII and the release of Final Fantasy X HD), PC players may finally get their chance to replay Final Fantasy IX. According to a listing on Green Man Gaming, the PC port of IX will be coming out tomorrow.

Like, tomorrow tomorrow.

While there hasn’t been an official statement from Square Enix regarding FF IX’s release date, that doesn’t necessarily mean much, especially since they did announce a personal computer version of the game after it was released on mobile devices earlier this year. What’s more, earlier this week they snuck an update on their site regarding the installation requirements for this version of the game (which also helps corroborate that a release is imminent):

“In order to play FINAL FANTASY IX it is necessary to download and install a software installer program and certain third party plugins. The installer software incorporates certain third party plug-ins, which are governed by the open source licenses and other provisions ascribed to them below. The application of these licenses is limited strictly only to the plugins to which they are stated expressly to apply.”

This doesn’t bode well for fans, as requiring the installation of an Android library indicates this will likely just be a port of the mobile version of the game, which indicates no significant quality or graphical improvements.

However, there are some legitimate fans of FF IX out there, and tomorrow may finally be the day where they’re given a chance to replay this cult classic.

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