Edited by S.M. Beiko and Hope Nicholson.

From Bedside Press, the purveyors of historical reverence and strikingly good taste, comes Gothic Tales of Haunted Love, a 200-page anthology containing all-new takes on the classic gothic romance subgenre featuring some of the finest creators in the industry.

Among the gorgeous new material, the collection boasts an incredible restoration of “The Promise” from Charlton Comics’ Ghostly Tales From the Haunted House #101 (1973) by Sanho Kim, a tale told in both Korean and English.

You can check out a lovely smattering of the pages contained within this marvelous anthology below. For more from Gothic Tales of Haunted Love, including video, pages, and incentives, visit the Kickstarter page.

200 pages | 7.5×10″ | Full color | Through September 12 2017

From Bedside Press: Love is a specter which haunts us all.

In 1950s Vietnam, a lost soul comes to the aid of a farmer’s field under attack. In Victorian Boston, a new governess comes to care for the rogueish widower of a stately manor and his charming brood of children. A fashion journalist lands the interview of her dreams – but it unearths deadly secrets of Taiwan’s most popular fashion designer. A Sioux elder heals a recently deceased woman who sets out to recover her lost love. And a young bride spins a story of murder and deceit that paints her husband as a killer . . . but is there any truth to her tale?

Featuring 22 original stories from some of modern comics’ finest talent, ‘Gothic Tales of Haunted Love’ collects fragments of lovers torn apart, ghostly revenge, and horrific deeds, in the vein of 1970s gothic romance comics such as ‘Haunted Love’, ‘Ghostly Tales’, ‘Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love’, and ‘Gothic Romances’. Discover a diverse range of heroes and villains, spirits and monsters, in a modern reimagining that will leave your heart pounding and broken in the same seductive breath.