Stories by Olivier Boiscommun and Denis-Pierre Filippi.
Art by Olivier Boiscommun.
Translated by Montana Kane, Marelle Piche, and Justin Kelly.

Autumn is upon us. The leaves have begun to pile high in crunchy hills of brown, red, and yellow as the days shorten and cool.

Which means Halloween is near. Humanoids Kids wants to make sure you start off this year’s danse macabre right with an anthology designed to spook people of all ages! “Halloween”, “The Book of Jack”, and “The Story of Joe” — three eerie tales, gorgeously illustrated in Halloween Tales! Pick up a copy on September 13 and dive right in — just like a certain pile of leaves we could mention!

Check out this nine-page preview of Halloween Tales, courtesy of Humanoids Kids!

156 pgs. | $24.95 – £20.99 | SEPTEMBER 13

From Humanoids: In Halloween, immerse yourself in the great book of the night. And if, at a street corner, you meet a ghost, take a walk with him. You may just recognize him — and if melancholy torments you — he could be the one to make you smile again. 

Then, in The Book of Jack, braving a haunted house, young Jack discovers a mysterious book, a book that tells the story of his life. But what dark twists could others write into the blank pages that remain? 

Finally, in The Story of Joe, a solitary boy finds refuge with the creatures of the night. But consumed by his imagination, he loses touch with reality and undergoes a strange transformation…

Follow these young characters in stories that span from the dusk of childhood to the dawn of adolescence, as they explore the darkness and light in us all.