'The Retreat' softcover trade, out soon from HumanoidsTHE RETREAT
Written by Pierre Wazem.
Art by Tom Tirabosco.
Translated by Mark Bence.

People cope with loss in different ways. Some isolate themselves until the waves of grief dissipate — if they ever do. Others surround themselves with friends and loved ones, or dive into their work to keep their minds occupied. Igor and Serge have lost their best friend. And now they are going on a trip.

From the award-winning team of Pierre Wazem (Koma, Snow Day) and Tom Tirabosco (Im Dunkeln, Futuropolis) comes The Retreat, a work of stunning emotional depth, humor, and melancholy.

Check out this eight-page preview of The Retreat softcover trade, courtesy of Humanoids!

112 pgs. | $14.95 – £12.99 | SEPTEMBER 6

From Humanoids: Two friends take off for a weekend getaway to a remote mountain area to reminisce about their third friend, now gone. From mundane conversations to intimate confidences, the two remaining pals remember their departed companion, their unique friendship, and all those things that are often left unsaid, but that remain floating in the silence.