Written by W. Maxwell Prince.
Art by Martín Morazzo.
Colors by Chris O’Halloran.
Cover A by Martin Morazzo and Chris O’Halloran.
Cover B by Frazer Irving.

From the minds that brought us The Electric Sublime comes Ice Cream Man, a new series from writer W. Maxwell Prince and artist Martin Morazzo that takes the concept of the dark anthology and gives it a sugar-coated twist.

‘Ice Cream Man’ is unlike anything I’ve worked on before!” says Morazzo, who gave us stupefying dreamscapes unlike anything we’ve seen before in The Electric Sublime. This is one you won’t want to miss.

Take a peek at this four-page preview of Ice Cream Man #1, out in January from Image Comics!

$3.99 | JANUARY 17

From Image Comics: Writer W. Maxwell Prince (ONE WEEK IN THE LIBRARY, ‘The Electric Sublime’) teams up with artist Martín Morazzo (SNOWFALL, GREAT PACIFIC, ‘The Electric Sublime’) and colorist Chris O’Halloran (GENERATION GONE, ‘Black Panther’) for ICE CREAM MAN, a genre-defying series of disparate one-shots arriving this January.

Gather round the neighborhood ice cream truck for these tales of sorrow, wonder, and redemption. Each installment features its own cast of strange characters, dealing with their own special sundae of suffering. And on the periphery of all of them, like the twinkly music of his colorful truck, is the Ice Cream Man—a weaver of stories, a purveyor of sweet treats. Friend. Foe. God. Demon. The man who, with a snap of his fingers—lickety split!—can change the course of your life forever.

“I’m jazzed to be working with Martín and Chris to bring folks these odd little stories about broken people and their complicated interior lives,” said Prince. “With any luck, there’s something yummy here for all stripes of reader, no matter their tastes.”

“ICE CREAM MAN is unlike anything I’ve worked on before!” said Morazzo. “The stories we’re telling, tales of everyday people dealing with extreme situations—always with a dark twist—are rarely seen in comics these days.”

Chocolate, vanilla, existential horror, drug addiction, musical fantasy… there’s a flavor for everyone’s misery.

FOC for ‘Ice Cream Man’ #1 is December 25.