Written by Thom Zahler.
Art and colors by Tony Fleecs.
ROM Variant by Andy Price.

It’s been nearly 30 years since the ultra-sleek ROM The Space Knight has graced the pages of a comic book, let alone a comic book cover.

IDW Publishing is looking to change that. And they’re doing it in style.

All through the month of July, IDW will be rolling out the red carpet for our all-time favorite chromium-plated cosmic crusader (y’know, the one who isn’t named “Norrin Radd”) with a series of wonderful variant covers through the publisher’s entire line. And DoomRocket is pumped to be the first to show you ROM’s first-ever team-up with the primped ponies of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #44!

From IDW Publishing: 
“Ponies of Dark Water Part 2” Our favorite ponies have gone bad and are loving every minute of it! When Twilight seeks to conquer Equestria for herself, the Cutie Mark Crusaders may be the only hope for salvation!

$3.99 | JULY 2016

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