Josh Brolin to play Cable in 'Deadpool 2', which is perfect when you think about it

Josh Brolin to play Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’, which is perfect when you think about it

By Jarrod Jones. Just goes to show that there remains a demand for dark featured, square-jawed fellows in Hollywood. On a related note, Hollywood, you got my deets, correct.

Josh Brolin will play Nathan Summers in 20th Century Fox’s sequel to Deadpool, tentatively titled, Deadpool 2, and not, say, Deadpoo2.

The Hollywood Reporter got the exclusive on Fox’s announcement, which only makes more and more sense once you start thinking about it. Brolin edged out Michael Shannon, DoomRocket’s personal favorite for Cable, and David Harbour who, let’s face it, probably doesn’t need to be in anymore superhero movies.

As Cable, Brolin will join the production of Deadpool 2 in June, at which point he can sneak off the film’s Vancouver set and go hang out with those adorable CW DC TV stars. (Maybe he can punch out Johnathon Schaech and reprise his Jonah Hex role, you never know. Also, funny side note: in the original draft of this newswire it was the “Johnathon” part of Schaech’s name that I misspelled, which is both interesting and sad.) Deadpool 2: Generation Hex will be directed by David Leitch, who directed the upcoming Charlize Theron stunner, Atomic Blonde, which just looks stunning.

Brolin isn’t the only Marvel Studios player to make the leap to other comic book pastures lately: the Thanos star joins Avengers director Joss Whedon in gettin’ while the superhero gettin’ is still good. Expect an announcement in about four years that Brolin will star as Rip Hunter in that DC Comics’ Booster Gold movie that has yet to be made.

More like No Country for Studly Men, amirite.

‘Deadpool 2: Men in Black 3’ will Brolin over with Brolin at some point in 2018.