Holy bananas, Joss Whedon's gonna direct 'Batgirl'

Holy bananas, Joss Whedon’s gonna direct ‘Batgirl’

By Jarrod Jones. You want some news? Here’s some damn news.

Joss Whedon is helming a Batgirl standalone film for Warner Bros., a studio that seems hellbent on outdoing its superhero rival Marvel Studios by tripling down on its female-led comic book movies. (Wonder Woman hits in June, with Gotham City Sirens to follow soon after.) The news comes from an exclusive from Variety

Whedon is a surprising choice for Warner Bros., who has up till this point only begrudgingly allowed thoughtful filmmakers to make their poorly conceived DC Comics movies while leaving the majority of their cinematic universe to dudes who have a strange affinity for slate-grey aesthetics and making shitty movies. (Patty Jenkins is directing Wonder Woman, a fact that still rules.) The Avengers director is closing a deal with WB to write, direct, and produce the movie.

Story details are nonexistent at the moment, so let’s all pretend it’s based in Burnside and it has absolutely fucking nothing to do with The Joker.

Jon Berg and Geoff Johns will oversee the project, hopefully with a little more scrutiny than WB applied to Man of SteelDawn of Justice, and Suicide Squad, all of which are awful.

Batgirl will join the ever-growing list of forthcoming DC Comics movies, including the recently announced Nightwing, Suicide Squad sequelGotham City SirensThe Batman (directed by Matt Reeves), that Shazam movie that The Rock is purportedly gonna be in, and movies featuring Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg — if, y’know, they can squeeze in the time.