By Tommy RobbinsEveryone’s favorite rocket-building physics sim has jettisoned itself from its PC exclusive habitat to make entry into a new, hospitable console ecosystem. Kerbal Space Program crashes onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One… TODAY!

That’s right! For anyone who has seen Squad’s Kerbal Space Program in action, you’re probably sold, assuming you haven’t already invested 100+ hours into your sick space station on PC. Even then, going full sloth on the couch while meticulously constructing your astronautical vessels on the new shiny console port has a fairly undeniable appeal.

Kerbal is a detail oriented and precision-based spacecraft physics simulation slathered thick with charm and whimsy, primed and ready to take the bite out of the typical humdrum simulation experience. Allowing players to craft ships from the ground up, equipping us with everything we could possibly need to traverse space (from a crew bay to a variety of boosters and fuel supplies), and even plunging into those cinematic mid-flight fuel drops, Kerbal presents the challenge of crafting a ship that can overcome gravity’s might pull before setting forth on your galactic journey.

Ok, galactic is a big word… but the game does present you with an entire solar system to explore. And it comes with those adorable little green Kerbals, who tag along for the journey to help ease all that aerospace-y tension. (Are we the little green men here?)


With Kerbal’s three game modes, a variety of playstyles are supported. Whether you chose to build your own version of NASA from the ground up, collecting funds and experimenting as you go, or just want to streamline your voyage into the cosmos in the game’s sandbox mode with full access to everything from the get-go, Kerbal has the space suit for you.

‘Kerbal Space Program’ is available on PS4 and Xbox One today for $39.99.