By Jarrod Jones. You ever think it weird that any time Krypton is depicted in live action, near everyone has this fakey English accent? Well, neither does Syfy, who just released a teaser trailer for Krypton, a show that has plenty of ponderous accents, none of which are convincing.

Let’s just put it this way: if you didn’t exactly buy it when Marlon Brando did it, this trailer ain’t gonna convert you to the idea, no sir.

That’s right — Krypton! A show populated with people you only scarcely remember, filling out a story that literally could never matter, because that planet is now dead as shit. Krypton! A show featuring characters who are so far removed from the actual Superman mythos so as to be considered embarrassing. (It’s about Superman’s grandpa, Seg-El, which is pronounced “Siegel”. As in, Jerry SiegelYes, really.)

It also appears that Krypton won’t be following the CW Arrowverse, which would make so much sense if it did, considering Supergirl‘s tendency to look back on the halcyon days of the doomed planet. No, this DC show looks like it’s fitting in snug with the widely maligned DC Extended Cinematic Universe, which just… it’s not good.

'Krypton' trailer leaks online

Image: Syfy

Krypton! A show that will probably lift the aura of mystery and intrigue from Game of Thrones without bothering to construct a world around it because that’s what all lesser period-specific television does nowadays. (And wouldn’t you know it? It stars Ian “Ser Barristan Selmy” McElhinney who, as luck would have it, has the word “El” right there in his actual name.)

Krypton! A show that has been co-developed by David S. Goyer, who never once shat upon the Superman mythology from on high, no sir, not ever.

Whoops, I just fucking tripped over something.

Anyone else thinks it’s weird that Syfy doesn’t have DC’s brand new logo yet? That old corporate sticker logo certainly doesn’t bode well.


Krypton’, which definitely does not have an exclamation point in its title, airs later this year.