By Tommy Robbins. For those who missed the 2015 episodic masterpiece that is Life Is Strange, you can now download the first episode, “Chrysalis” for free on all platforms. No excuses, now… hop to it.

In case you were trapped in your own time bubble throughout most of 2015, Life Is Strange, published by Square Enix and developed by Dontnod Entertainment, is a coming of age story about two teenage girls. Testing the limits of their friendship while drowning in the drama of life in a small town, they face the things that weigh on us all: love, loss, and superpowers.

Ok… maybe some of us will never have to deal with superpowers, but Life Is Strange offers a captivating look at what that would be like during the most vulnerable years of a person’s life. (Think X-Men but far more twee.)

After protagonist Maxine Caulfield awakes from a terrifying vision of her home town’s destruction, she finds herself burdened with the ability to rewind time, allowing her to manipulate specific events to affect their outcomes. As she struggles with the ethical decisions of using her newfound powers, she begins to realize that no decision is made without consequence. And with everything she has ever known at stake, the weight of her actions grows more severe with every choice.


The five part series was released bimonthly from January to October (2015) and now, just shy of a year from the closing episode, Life Is Strange Episode 1: ‘Chrysalis’, is available for free via digital download on all platforms. You should absolutely take the chance to dip a toe in the waters of this striking narrative journey. And then, maybe consider throwing a few dollars the developer’s way and play the remaining four episodes.

‘Life is Strange: Chrysalis’ is available to download now.