By Tommy Robbins. Check the calendar, you scoundrels: Mafia III is just around the corner. And just to remind us of that fact, 2K and Hanger 13 have released the first in a series of promotional trailers showing off the various districts contained within the nigh-cinematic world of New Bordeaux. This thing looks just impressive enough to maybe pull us away from No Man’s Sky in a few short weeks. (Briefly.)

Mafia III takes place in the summer in 1968, telling the story of a man named Lincoln Clay as he climbs the rungs of power within the crime ring that makes up the backbone of New Bordeaux. Key to Clay’s success will be the navigation and understanding of the 10 various districts that make up the city.

Delray Hollow, Frisco Fields, and the Southdowns make up the sort of suburban areas of pleasant smiles, southern charm, manicured lawns — all seemingly a front for a bunch of ne’er-do-wells who are quick to pull a knife as they get their crime on. Seriously, based on this trailer everyone in this city is involved in organized crime in some capacity, and are only too ready to shank a bitch at the slightest provocation. Try not to get stabbed in the gut.

The French Ward is an indulgent circle of suited men chomping on cigars, lounging in arm chairs and gawking at burlesque dancers while run-of-the-mill citizens gambles away their meager earnings. On the outskirts is Bayou Fantom, which pretty much amounts to the swamps found all around Louisiana’s non residential areas (re: this is where you take people when they need to disappear). Pointe Verdun, the Irish neighborhood and now my new personal favorite, is a thriving area where the inhabitants of this area will probably be simply delightful. Then there’s Berclay Mills and Tickfaw Harbor, both of which feature industrial areas, while just outside River Row promises such family friendly fare as “boating” and “constant knife fights.” Then there’s Downtown, the heart of the city, where the big boys play.

All together, the city of New Bordeaux looks to be quite lively and robust. The trailer concludes with a message “End tape 1 continued on tape 2” which implies that we’ll be learning more about our protagonist, Lincoln Clay, in the next trailer in the series. Can’t wait.

‘Mafia III’ is set to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 7.