By Tommy Robbins. Mega Man, one of Capcom’s oldest franchises, is returning to television viewers across the globe. And that’s not all — he’s getting a makeover, too.

A press release from DHX Media posted on Thursday tells of a partnership with Dentsu Entertainment that promises to bring one of gaming’s most cherished characters to younger audiences, with a slick new suit of armor to boot.


The series will follow Aki Light, the alter-ego of Mega Man, as he deals with the typical day-to-day of school life while he develops his powers. Aki possesses the ability to transform into a “flurry of computer code and visual pyrotechnics,” or, as we’ve all modestly come to know him, as Mega Man. Equipped with Mega Buster arm cannon and his iconic helmet, Mega Man must face constantly arising threats in Silicon Valley while he attempts to maintain his secret identity. Aimed at children ages 6-9, the creators also hope that their parents who have, potentially, grown up alongside the franchise will find enjoyment in the program as well.

Yuichi Kinoshita, President of Dentsu Entertainment USA, had this to say “Mega Man has a rare, nearly three-decade-long tradition with fans. We are excited to work with DHX to bring this newly imagined version of a long-beloved character back to the global marketplace.”

The series will be created and executive produced by Man of Action Entertainment, which suddenly causes Mega Man‘s all-new aesthetic direction to make that much more sense. That slick, polished animation style had massive success in Man of Action’s other franchise, Ben 10. It’s different from cartoon and game art styles from the past, but perhaps those parents won’t mind when their little ones are drooling quietly over that sweet Mega Buster arm cannon.

With licensing and distribution in Asia being managed by Dentsu Entertainment, DHX Media will deal with these responsibilities in the US as well as all other territories bringing the new Mega Man animated series to everyone across the globe in 2017, perfectly syncing the release alongside the game franchise’s 30 year anniversary, which isn’t that nice.

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