By Jarrod Jones. Ten days ago, a 7.1-magnitude earthquake left Mexico City and the surrounding states of Puebla, Mexico and Morelos in a state of emergency. As of Friday, September 29, the death toll in Mexico has risen to 355. And while it’s perfectly natural to feel beleaguered as natural disasters imperil the lives of people all around us, there are plenty of ways to help.

One way to contribute is to shop the #MexicoStrong Collection, great initiative put together by artist Alexis Ziritt and our friends at Threadless. Purchase any one of a selection of excellent Space Riders t-shirts! Heck, buy them all! It’s for a great cause.

The proceeds from this collection will be donated to Cruz Roja Mexicana. Do your part in aiding earthquake relief today.

A gallery of the items inspired by the Black Mask Studios series co-created by Ziritt and writer Fabian Rangel, Jr. is below. You can purchase the items here.

You can get free shipping on your items by using the code “HELP171d64592”. The order minimum is $45 US/$80 INTL. Ends September 30 11:59PM CDT. Excludes INTL Wall Art.