Captain_America_Steve_Rogers_1_CoverCAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS #1
Written by Nick Spencer.
Art & Cover by Jesus Saiz.
Variant Covers by Steve Epting, Skottie Young and Jim Steranko.
Action Figure Variant by John Tyler Christopher.
Hip-Hop Variant by Jeffrey Veregge.
Age of Apocalypse Variant Cover by Paul Renaud.
Captain America 75th Anniversary Variant by Greg Hildebrandt.

The Sentinel of Liberty returns! Which one? Why, Steve Rogers, of course! That’s right, you can’t keep a good Cap down.

Just in time to coincide with Marvel Studios’ Captain America: Civil War, Steve Rogers steps back into the boots of the Star-Spangled Superhero — look, he has an all-new costume, and an all-new shield and everything!

We’re still #TeamSam, Steve. But good for you!

$4.99 | MAY 25

From Marvel Comics: He may be back but the celebration will be short lived. Steve isn’t the only one who’s returned stronger than ever. Hydra has re-emerged. Led by his greatest foe, the Red Skull, Hydra has begun to worm its way into every corner of the Marvel Universe. Anyone can be a threat. Trust no one. Even a restored Captain America may not be enough to stop the far reaching tentacles of Hydra.

With a rallying cry of “Avengers Assemble”, the Sentinel of Liberty charges headlong into the fight once more. But will his first day back on the job be his last? Find out when CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS #1 explodes into comic shops and digital devices this May!

Plus – don’t miss an exciting prologue to this monumental first issue, coming exclusively to comic shops on Free Comic Book Day. Head to your local retailer on May 7th to get your hands on FCBD Captain America #1!

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