By Jarrod Jones. If the in-continuity madness that is Secret Empire is really doing it for you, you’re probably going to love the heck out of Nightwing: The New Order.

For the rest of you who prefer “What If?” style stories to take place far, far away from the canonical goings-on of your favorite characters, the outright craziness that takes place in Nightwing: The New Order might be an easy sell.

And for those of you who prefer their fascist imagery to be projected anywhere but on their favorite superheroes, well… did I mention that Nightwing: The New Order takes place in an alternate reality? Because it does. *ahem*

What’s the premise? Well… *clears throat* Set in an alternate reality where authoritarian rule outlaws superpowers — presumably the likes of Darkseid and Brainiac don’t exist in this universe, which must be nice — Dick Grayson leads a gestapo-like task force called the Crusaders to hunt down the few remaining people who have abilities far beyond those of mortal men. But when shenanigans arise (as shenanigans are often wont to do) the same organization that Dick created targets his own family as a threat.

Yes, we’re talking about that Dick Grayson. But hey — alternate reality! Elseworlds, and the like, y’know? *gulp*

The New Order reunites the New York Times best-selling team behind Batman: Gates of Gotham, writer Kyle Higgins and artist Trevor McCarthy. “My all-time favorite DC books throw characters we know and love into future worlds that are equal parts familiar and terrifying, laced with moral issues that aren’t black and white or easily solved,” Higgins said in the official press release.Ultimately, these stories say something about our world. And that’s what we are aiming to do with this Nightwing series, through the lens of a future generation of heroes.”

Illustrating the socio-political fracas is McCarthy, who kicked off his DC Comics career illustrating the antics of the grown-up Robin way back in 1996 with Nightwing #61. “As an artist, there’s nothing better than world building. Diving in and figuring out a visual identity for a book, a character, a city… this is why I love making comics.

As it is with any short-sighted societal shift, the powers that be soon change their worldview once their disastrous actions begin to affect those they love. As such, The New Order will find Dick seeking the aid of the same people he’s been persecuting for years — the last remaining metahumans of the DC Universe — so expect some familiar faces to pop up in this strange new world before the end.

Dick Grayson: Hypocrite probably wasn’t going to work as a title, to be honest.

‘Nightwing: The New Order’, a six-issue miniseries from DC Comics, swings into shops on August 23.