By Tommy RobbinsIn an announcement on Thursday, Square Enix laid out plans for their appearance at the annual New York Comic Con, and those plans are simply rife with upcoming previews, demos, and giveaways — which, most impressively, includes a Tomb Raider-themed Jeep Wrangler. Promotion!

New York Comic Con is racing towards Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan pretty damn quickly (October 6-9), so here’s Square Enix making their presence at the convention known in a big way. Because there are gonna be all these pesky comic book companies around, flaunting themselves like they actually belong there or something.

Starting at their preview booths, attendees will be able to get their hands on a decent chunk of Square Enix titles. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Final Fantasy XV, Hitman, and Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration will all be available for play alongside other titles like Dragon Quest Builders, Final Fantasy: The Zodiac Age, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 (Final Chapter Prologue), and World of Final Fantasy. All of these titles will be playable at the expo, assuming you don’t mind a few long stretches of standing still in line.


Final Fantasy XV will also have a dedicated booth wherein fans will be able to play the game as well as check out A King’s Tale — a DLC exclusive to those who preorder Final Fantasy XV through GameStop. This booth will also be handing out FFXV themed shirts. Get ‘em while they’re hot! Then sell them on eBay immediately afterwards for a tidy profit! (Don’t actually do that last thing. — Ed.)

Crystal Dynamics will be taking over the NYCC Twitch stage to kick things off. Starting at 4:30 on Thursday, October 6, Tomb Raider Franchise Director, Noah Hughes, will be taking the stage with Senior Community Manager, Meagan Marie, to discuss Lara Croft’s influence on pop culture, as well as how they attempted to bring elements of that history back into their latest installment of the series.

Finally, Square Enix will be holding a #PrizeOfTheTombRaider contest beginning October 4, running until October 31. A Tomb Raider Jeep Wrangler will be suspended from one of the skyscrapers surrounding Times Square and entries to win can be made over the course of the month-long contest by going the contest’s website and filling out an entry form, or simply by using the hashtag #PrizeOfTheTombRaider. You gotta play to win! (Also know how to drive and pay taxes!)

NYCC 2016 is next freakin’ week, so plan accordingly.