By Tommy RobbinsOutlast, the chilling survival horror game from 2014 that infamously armed players with naught but a camera, is back with a second installment. Excited? Yeah, so are we.

After a run of trade show demo success, developer Red Barrels is ready to give everyone a taste of their upcoming sequel, Outlast 2, but there’s a catch… While the demo goes live today it will only be available for one month. Spooooooky!

Outlast 2 tells another tale of investigative journalism gone wrong. Blake Langermann and his wife, Lynn, seek out the answers behind the mysterious murder of a pregnant Jane Doe. Following the path until it leads them deep into the Arizona desert, they witness things that never should have been. And if Red Barrels is truly following in the footsteps of the original, no one will have brought any sort of weapon on this expedition to unveil a potentially murderous cult. So it’s just you, Lynn, and a trusty camera.

Image: Red Barrels

Image: Red Barrels

The demo, here just in time for Halloween, shows off the work that Red Barrels has put in over recent years, but that’s not all they’ve been working on. Red Barrels urges fans to check out their comic book series, The Murkoff Accounts. The five issue series tells of the happenings between the first and second Outlast games. Comics and video games — Outlast 2 is very much on the DoomRocket wish list.

The Outlast 2 demo is available today (October 4) on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 — but play quickly! It will be removed on November 1.