Written by Natalie Riess.
Art by Natalie Riess.
Cover by Natalie Riess.
Design by Hilary Thompson.
Edited by Robin Herrera.

It was a moment we always knew was coming, but now that it’s here, well… *sniff* ‘Scuze us, we’re just gonna go cry ourselves up a snack.

That’s right, Space Cadets — Space Battle Lunchtime is coming to an end. So let’s send off one of our favorite mini-series by one of our favorite artists of 2016 in the best way we know how: by making sure to pick up a copy of Space Battle Lunchtime #8 this Wednesday, and then re-reading the entire series over a chocolate cake we made ourselves — because Space Battle Lunchtime inspired us to bake it!

Check out this nine page preview of Space Battle Lunchtime #8, courtesy of Oni Press!

$3.99 | E | JANUARY 25

From Oni Press: The final battle. Peony vs. Melonhead, the sabotaging chef with his own considerable chops. Anything that can go wrong does, and Peony finds herself fighting against time-and a defective oven-to get her cake to the judges! Who will go on to victory in this final issue of Space Battle Lunchtime?