Written by Zander Cannon.
Art by Zander Cannon.
Colors by Zander Cannon with assists by Jason Fischer.
Edited by Charlie Chu.
Cover by — yup — Zander Cannon.

Listen up, because we’ll say it again: “Even though it’s dressed as a double matinee featuring scaly kaiju and sleek jaeger, ‘Kaijumax’ is about as civic-minded as comics get. It does more to address our societal ills in an honest and straight-faced manner than those we elected to be responsible for them. The theatrics of Toho Co. Ltd. imbued with the complexity of Serial.

With the third season of Kaijumax about to drop, now’s a great time to jump onto one of our all-time favorite series in comicdom. Take our recommendation. You’ll be glad you did.

In the meantime, check out this seven-page preview of Kaijumax Season Three #1, courtesy of Oni Press!

$3.99 | M | JULY 12

From Oni Press: New Season! New jumping-on point! Ah, KAIJUMAX Prison… that cesspool of corruption in the South Pacific! Tensions among the city-destroying convicts have eased after a month-long lockdown and Electrogor’s capture, and now the kaiju gangs have begun vying for power again, all-out-attacking their rivals, trading addictive smog and dioxin, and abusing weaker inmates. The Creature from Devil’s Creek, after a long time as the low mon in the Cryptid hierarchy, stumbles upon some information that makes him think it doesn’t have to be like this. Also: Mind-controlled murders! Pre-smartphone navigation fails! And… some VERY old timey religion?