Second Global Event for 'Pokémon Sun and Moon' somehow sadder than the first

Second Global Event for ‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ somehow sadder than the first

By Tommy Robbins. Game Freak, intrepid developer of Pokémon, is back to the drawing board after Pokémon Sun and Moon players catastrophically failed its widely publicized Global Event for the second time.

Pokémon Sun and Moon was released last November to a wide audience of eager Poké-hunters. Soon after, Game Freak launched their first in a series of Global Events that encouraged the community to catch 100 million Pokémon collectively. There was some clucking about unregistered accounts throwing off the collected data and yada yada yada, but long story short: of the 100 million Pokémon goal, only 16 million were captured. Oops.

Image: Game Freak

So Game Freak addressed the issue by dramatically lowering the goal for their most recent event to 1 million, this time throwing in the game’s Island Scan mechanic — a feature that allows the player to scan QR codes in return for Pokémon and other in-game goodies. It’s a feature that I found to be entirely negligible.

And it would seem that much of the player base agreed: in this second Global Event, only 661 thousand of the 1 million goal was reached. It’s debatable whether or not the shortcomings are due to player disinterest or unrealistic goals set by Game Freak. The Festival Plaza — Pokémon Sun and Moon’s in-game multiplayer hub, in which the Global Challenges focus their rewards and interactions — is a comparatively low-priority feature, and it’s likely players were reticent to engage with Game Freak’s challenge for lack of meaningful rewards. Or perhaps Game Freak has unreal expectations of what their player base is capable of in a two week period. Who can say.

And now, a sad Pikachu.

One way or another, if Game Freak and their community of Pokémon trainers want to see a successful third Global Event, they’ll need to find some way to meet in the middle.

‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ is available now.