Preview: The Wilds #1 THE WILDS #1
Written by Vita Ayala.
Illustrated by Emily Pearson.
Colors by Marissa Louise.
Letters by Jim Campbell.
Cover A by Emily Pearson.
Cover B by Natasha Alterici.

Living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland can be a real hassle. Schlepping from here to there isn’t a simple matter of driving down a stretch of road. There are all sorts of dangers out there: bears, poison ivy, fearsome plague abominations, the ushe. Let’s say you want to start a relationship. Forget it! People get picked off every day! Good luck finding your soulmate amidst war and famine!

Well, anyway. Check out this five-page preview of The Wilds #1, out next Wednesday from Black Mask Studio!

$3.99 | M | FEBRUARY 28

From Black Mask Studio: After a cataclysmic plague sweeps across America, survivors come together to form citystate-like communities for safety.

Daisy Walker is a Runner for The Compound, a mix of post-apocalyptic postal service and black market salvaging operation. It is a Runner’s job to ferry items and people between settlements, and on occasion scavenge through the ruins of the old world. Daisy is the best there is at what she does.

Out beyond the settlement walls are innumerable dangers: feral animals, crumbling structures, and Abominations – those that were touched by the plague and became something other. After a decade of surviving, Daisy isn’t phased by any of it – until her lover, another Runner named Heather, goes missing on a job. Desperate to find her, Daisy begins to see that there may be little difference between the world inside the walls and the horrors beyond.

From writer Vita Ayala (‘Bitch Planet: Triple Feature’, ‘Wonder Woman Annual’) and Emily Pearson (‘Cult Classic’) with colors by Marissa Louise (‘Spell On Wheels’) and covers by Natasha Alterici (‘Heathen’), comes this bold tale of surviving in bleak times.